National Violence against Women Act!

Since 1994, when the US Violence against Women Act first passed, crimes against women have decreased steadily. Now is the time to renew this bill in the US Congress and we need the full support of both Democrats and Republicans to continue this very successful legislation!

The US Department of Justice has issued some new updated data on intimate-partner violence that I wanted share with you:

– From 1994 to 2010, 4 in 5 victims of intimate-partner violence were women. Women between the ages of 18 to 34 experience the highest rates of violence.
– Since the Violence Against Woman Act has been passed in 1994, the rate of intimate-partner violence in the US has declined 64%.
– The Hispanic female rate for intimate-partner violence has declined 78%.
– Attempted rapes have dropped 1/3 from 1990 levels and forcible rapes are down 14%.

This Violence against Women Act is not about politics. It is about life-changing acts of mental and physical abuse done to WOMEN- mothers, daughters, wives, sisters and loved ones. This is a national bill on how to stop the behavior by abusers!

Effective September 1, 2012, Texas SB250 bill, provides stalking as grounds for a protective order. All persons who are victims of stalking have the right to a protective order against their stalker without requiring that the alleged stalker first be arrested for the crime. This legislation also eliminates the need for the stalker to be related, have had relations, or children with the victim before a protective order can be placed. Now more victims who have been exposed to cyber bullying attacks or fixations by strangers and feel that they could be subjected to serious bodily injury or death can petition the court for a protective order.

– If you are a victim of stalking, find a lawyer who is familiar with the Texas SB250 Stalking Law. The victim can petition the county court in either their or the stalker’s county with an affidavit on the stalking situation.
– If the court finds the information in the application for a protective order that there is a definite and present danger of a sexual assault, stalking, or other harm to the victim, the court, without a hearing, may enter a temporary ex parte order for the protection of the victim and other members of the victim’s family or household for a period up to 20 days without notifying the stalker. If the stalker violates the protective order, the victim should immediately call the police who will arrest the stalker for violating the order.
– By allowing victims to seek protection from any type of stalker, no matter of relationship, Texas has provided a new layer of protection to their citizens.


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