October 2020: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October 2020: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

The year of 2020 has been one of great upheaval in the United State and the World with the rampant spread of the deadly Covid-19 Virus.  The United States has also been dealing with much political upheaval, with Black Lives Matter, Police Brutality demonstrations, Women Rights Marches, and White Supremely Gatherings.  Fake News is becoming the norm and our old way of life “Normal”, has been turned upside down.  

I hear many people say,” When will we get back to our normal lives?” Maybe we never will, but there are certain inherent behaviors that must be respected and practiced with individuals, family members, and friends.  Yes, current times are abnormal, but individual respect must stay the normal of the day, anytime and anywhere!  Many people have used this uncertainty period as an excuse to forget about respect for others, especially with family. Family members are being used as scapegoats for all their life situations and problems. This brings us to the topic of Domestic Violence.

We will post some new and previous blogs on how to deal with Domestic Violence in family cases, what warning signs to look for and how to tell if someone in a family is expiring this serious issue. Also, what to do if you find yourself, your children, or your loved ones in this situation.  

If you find yourself or loved ones in a life threatening situation and you feel that legal expertise is needed, The Nacol Law Firm  will be available to discuss with you the situation and what legally can be done to lessen or alleviate this family problem. You are not alone, let’s see if we can help!

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