Boomer Divorce : Main Reasons for Boomer Divorces

As the overall divorce rate for the US population has fallen since 1990, the increase in the divorce rate for people “of a certain age” has doubled. “The Gray Divorce Revolution”, a study by sociologists Susan Brown and I-Fen Lin, states that in the past 20 years, the divorce rate for people 50+ has increased two-fold. The study also found the divorce rate for boomers in their second or third marriages were 2.5 times higher than first marriages. Many attribute this to baby boomers being the first generation to come of age in the time of high premarital cohabitation, and divorce rates in the 1970 and 80’s.

Has there been a change in the Baby Boomer’s idea of what constitutes a good marriage? Are people “of a certain age” looking at retirement and realizing that they could live another +25 years! Many of the ideas for staying in a bad or lukewarm marriage are changing when baby boomers now are looking at a potential “second life” after retirement. Seeking a second chance for self-fulfillment and individual happiness, will Baby Boomers change the concept of marriage as they did in their youth?

What are some of the main reasons for “Gray Divorces” ?

Family Changes – As their children grow up and leave “the nest” and their elderly parents and other relatives grow old and demand special care, baby boomers are many times pulled apart by these family demands realizing they have nothing in common with their spouse and consequently move on with life.

Retirement – When the “ baby boomer “ couple finally reach retirement or reduced working conditions, many changes occur in their life style together. Being together all the time is a lot different than spending evenings and weekends together! Many couples have very different attitudes on how they want to spend “the rest of their lives” and find they have very little in common with their spouse and have already taken “different paths in their lives”. With “a second life” ahead is it better to go it alone?

Love Has Flown the Coop? Are you still attracted to your spouse? Many people experience a 50+ life crisis when they feel they need to experience life to the fullest since time may be running out! Their spouse may not have the same needs and wonder who this person is that they have been married to “for sooo long”!

Now you have made the decision to divorce. There will be mind altering changes in your life and life style. “A Gray Divorce” is a very sobering experience for older Americans. Your financial situation will definitely change and usually not for the best. Think about what will be your best choice for your “Second Life” and how you will find happiness!

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