Legal Protection for a Texas Business

Legal Protection for a Texas Business

Successful business operations are based on careful planning, prudent governance and trusted legal guidance. Whether you are selecting an appropriate entity for your start-up company; structuring contracts, anti-competition construction, employment, supplier or licensing agreements; or acquiring, merging or dissolving a business, the expertise of the attorney you choose can make a significant difference in your business relationships.

At The Nacol Law Firm PC, in Dallas, Texas, we offer legal services related to a range of business transactions for entrepreneurs and commercial enterprises of all sizes in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding counties.

The business transactions our law firm handles include:

Entity selection
Business structure counseling
Contract negotiations and drafting
Partnership/shareholder/licensing/supplier agreements/ non-disclosure and anti-compete agreements
Warranty development
Mergers and acquisitions
Trademark and trade name applications and registrations
Business governance
Business succession planning
Corporate, LLP, and LLC organization

When you turn to our firm for legal help with crucial business transactions, a wealth of experience gives your attorney an edge in preparing sound transaction documents crafted to protect your best interests and avert future conflicts and liability.

For more information on business transactions, from Dallas Business Attorney Mark Nacol, contact us today at (972) 690-3333.