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Forming a Texas Business Corporation

Dallas business attorney Mark Nacol , of the Nacol Law Firm P.C., discusses forming a business corporation in Texas

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Business Contracts in Texas

Dallas contract attorney Mark Nacol discusses contracts in Texas and requirements for a valid contract. Are you having issues with a business contract or contract fraud? You will want to read this.

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Preventive Legal Care: Relatively Simple Things Make Large Differences in Legal Costs

Dallas attorney Mark Nacol provides a commentary on preventive legal care and preventive legal costs


Boomer Prenups – Sign Now or Forever Hold Your Peace!

Family law attorney Mark Nacol discusses prenups for boomers, prenups for senior citizens, prenups for older adults. If you are a Dallas boomer contemplating marriage, get legal advice from a family law attorney on having a prenuptial agreement for senior adults.


Boomers And Family Relationships: Going on 60+ Years Young!

Dallas Attorney Mark Nacol discusses how the Baby Boomer generation is redefining “What is Old”

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Baby Boomers and Divorce

Dallas divorce attorney Mark Nacol offers information on older couples divorcing in America.

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